Golf Talk With Friends

Eighteen holes leaves a lot of time to talk. Especially while on foot. When we play with our most dear companions the conversations tend to delve into all aspects of life. We talk about family, frustrations, and even other friends. There are chats concerning our children, current events, and career trajectory. Some blokes discuss their love life while others prefer the stocks they like to pick. Golf trips and community gossip are always popular topics too. There really isn’t much off the table. When we play with our pals, it’s a chance to both celebrate our joys and unload some baggage. We tell our golf friends all sorts of things because through sharing we discover we aren’t alone in our successes and challenges. It’s good to know others are with us. Step by step and word by word we untangle the thoughts we tend to otherwise keep to ourselves. Perhaps it’s the open space that inspires such sharing. Mostly, it’s just knowing that the golfers you walk with care enough to listen. Having someone hear you out helps more than most like to admit. A tee time is a mutual agreement in that sense. When we play golf we drop our guard. The game makes everyone vulnerable and it’s that common footing that allows these discussions to happen with ease. The shots we make matter, but the talks we have along the way are often what we need more. Golf is a good way to sort out where we stand with each other and there’s a lot of time for conversation between swings.

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