Becoming a Short Game Wizard

The most important part of golf to practice is the short game. It’s the only element of the sport that can truly save you no matter the situation. Well struck wedges, bunker blasts, and consistently holed putts are the best recipe for lowering scores. It takes time to hone those skills though. Hours must be invested in developing the instincts of a short game wizard. There is no substitute for feel and only one way to find it. Through countless repetitions, a golfer can discover the different ways to make a ball dance. By developing a repertoire of pitch shots, strokes can be saved in a wide variety of ways. The same holds true for creating a confident posture with the putter. Short game gains begin as incremental improvements and then the most impressive results come all at once. After many attempts on the practice green and in play, the value of those reps start to compound. Before you know it, the short game becomes a noticeable weapon in the war against bogey. The better it gets the more you’ll seek to practice.

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