The $1 Bunker Lesson

I remember when my Grandfather taught me how to escape from a bunker. He instructed me to put a dollar bill beneath the ball with the orb rested on George Washington’s head. “Blast the bill out from under the ball,” he told me. That’s it. That was the lesson. Bunkers strike fear in so many golfers, yet as Gramps taught me there’s no reason for that. The proper shot from the sand is much more simple than it seems. An open clubface, wide stance, and a turn through the shot is all that’s required. Using the dollar bill is a surefire way to learn good form. To this day, I still imagine a note of legal tender lying beneath my golf ball when I find myself in a bunker. I can recall hitting such shots as a kid. With an explosion of sand, the ball would fly out towards the target and as the dust settled a dollar would slowly flutter back to the ground. Through many repetitions of this drill, I learned to approach bunkers with a sense of confidence. Hit the dollar hard and let the club do the work. This simple instruction can make anyone a better bunker player. That tip will only cost you a buck.

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