The Best Sort of Golfer

There is much to admire about a golfer. No two are alike, yet there are many positive characteristics commonly shared among them. The best of this sort provide a good model for others to follow. Golfers are persistent and are not easily deterred. They are confident and committed. A golfer is a fighter — always pressing even when the odds are stacked against them. The golfer is focused and filled with desire. Golfers make for good friends and great storytellers. They seek adventure in their lives and are always eager to learn. Golfers are at home in nature and they have a great appreciation for the land used for their game. They are competitors and sporting enthusiasts. The golfer is well mannered and congenial too. The game demands much from those who play it and a proper golfer strives to live up to those high standards. The golfer who exhibits these qualities should be celebrated. They are worthy of emulation by us all.

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