The Breakfast Ball

Everyone needs a breakfast ball from time to time. That first swing of the day isn’t always kind. It’s good to keep a second pellet nearby when you go straight to the tee box from the car. Despite consuming copious amounts of coffee and going through a quick stretch routine, the results on the first hole can be particularly shaky some mornings. As much as I love the rules, a little flexibility is needed in certain circumstances. Perhaps the night before is having a lingering effect or it could be that you just are running terribly late — whatever the reason for your opening mulligan don’t feel so guilty. Golf is about having fun and it’s no fun to start with a failed attempt. This won’t work for tournaments and such, but for the casual round with friends and other related outings go ahead and take a little liberty. If the first swing is good then start walking, but nobody’s going to bust your chops for taking a second hack. The breakfast ball is just fine.

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