The Caddie is Your Friend

A caddie is a guide. Someone who can lead you around a golf course and set you up for success. They are also teachers, showing you how to play each hole to the best of your ability. Caddies are companions too — providing conversations to keep your golfing mind at ease. The job, when performed well, is much harder than it looks. To be a caddie requires many skills. Patience, empathy, and congeniality are important traits too. Each day they are witness to the highs and lows of golf. They help players move on from bad shots while also helping make incredible memories happen. The services of a great caddie elevate the experience of a special round. Caddies aren’t just there to carry your clubs. They are with you to bring the best out of your game while assisting as you get the most from a course. In golf, this is important work. Every player can benefit from what a great caddie has to offer — better golf and a better understanding of where you play it. The caddie is your friend. Take one when you can.

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