The Club Life

There are a lot of good reasons to join a golf club. The most important of which is the chance to be part of a culture. Finding a proper fit is key. For me, I enjoy being able to compete with friends in an environment that is fueled by a love for the game. At our club, a shared passion for golf manifests in Tuesday skins, Friday FourBall matches, a standing game on weekends, and monthly tournaments — all of which offer an opportunity to find some small amount of fleeting personal glory. There are also endless evening walks with dogs, the sight of children running around the practice green, and many good stories shared among friends. I’m a member there because of the atmosphere we all create together. While at the club, I get to laugh a lot, and all our families at times seem to merge into one large unit. I also find plenty of chances to prove my golfing ability. The friendly and competitive nature of a club is a wonderful thing to be a part of. There’s always a game to be had and as long as you can ante up for the bet you’re in. It may not be for every golfer, but to many joining a club is the gateway to falling more in love with the game. That has certainly been the case in my life. Because of the culture, I spend a ton of time at the golf club. It’s somewhere I always long to be. The club is a part of my life and my life is part of the club. That’s a feeling I hope every golfer can have. If you can find something similar, or another culture that suits your taste, I hope you’ll dive in. There’s a lot to love about a club that feels like home.

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