The Cove Dweller’s Ballad

Take me back to Tennessee to that small course that has become a part of me.

I long for walks through the Sequatchie valley where the bunkers with boards increase the strokes that I tally.

Each time I play through this treasure trove I fall more in love with Sweetens Cove.

It’s hard to describe the feelings I’ve found when walking over this well-shaped ground.

The holes that live there are filled with thrills that are amplified by the surrounding hills.

Slowly rolling are the contours and slopes that shape my shots and lift my hopes.

The greens are wild and hard to tame which has soured some but brought her. fame.

You can play the routing or go cross country, but both ways begin at the base of the big tree.

The poor man’s Pine Valley is a suitable moniker, many have tried but there’s no way to conquer her.

She’s far more approachable by strategy than power and once you know your way you can play in an hour.

There are no amenities, no clubhouse or grill, but a small port-a-john and a shed on the hill.

You must make sure to spend time in the shed which harbors stories from staff of how she was nearly dead.

The boys from ‘nooga make sure that she thrives with a belief in their heart that the course changed their lives.

This golfing ground is the pride of South Pittsburg grown by word of mouth and stories that you’ve heard.

“The little course that could” or so she’s been called couldn’t run at first so instead she crawled.

What happened there is now the stuff of legend some struggles at first but not doubted for a second.

Her design held true and stature grew tall as people came to see her and experience it all.

Folks came to play her from far and near and the tales of those travels soon reached my ear.

I pulled down and read Doak’s guide from the shelf then journeyed north to see her my self.

I made it to Sweetens and opened my eyes, I was stunned by the sights and the joy of surprise.

With one foot on the ground and the other in a dream, I found a slice of Scotland with an American theme.

I was captivated and drawn to her beauty And fell hard for Sweetens as if she always knew me.

I’ve since thought of moving there and buying a house with a view of the first and room for my spouse.

I doubt that will fly ‘cause my wife might leave me, but the song of Sweetens has consumed me completely.

I don’t mind the drive and distance be damned I’m a Cove dweller at heart and that’s just who I am.

Somedays my desires are strong like a fever so I pack up my clubs and head there to see her.

If I go missing, know that Sweetens has my heart and if you seek me out try the good Subway to start.