The Details Matter

Details matter. They are often the difference between good and great. In golf, the places that pay attention to the small things are more likely to provide a memorable experience. From tee markers, to pin flags, and everything in between, the many elements of a golf course come together to make a sense of place. The aim should be to create a consistent theme and an attractive aesthetic. This is not intended to mean courses should be cluttered — less is usually more. A discerning eye should determine whatever items are to be placed on or along the golf trail. For those pieces that make the cut, they should be seen as compelling elements of a story told through spaces. The golfer should not be distracted by these interactions. Instead, the details of a golf course presentation should allow the player to further sink into a state of bliss and enjoyment. When properly executed, this will create a stirring feeling which can compel a player to return again in search of the same sensory activation. Well-appointed detailing can make the seems of a golf course disappear. Small enhancements make a big difference; they both excite the familiar player and please the newcomer. The courses that fixate on these matters are often rewarded with the loyalty of their enthusiasts. A brief moment of interest leaves a lasting impression. These are the breadcrumbs that bring people back again and again.

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