The Escape Artist

Troubled is the existence of an escape artist. Does being excellent from severe lies make you a good player or something else? The golfer who can always find a way out is a special breed. More instinctual than well-trained, this sort of player lives on a strange see-saw. Wayward swings bring many frowns, but the chance to wow both friends and opponents never fails to yield a smile. Whether giving it a whack from the bushes or pitching out of a ditch, the golfer who thinks like a magician always has a chance. Just when you think they’ve played their way out of a hole, they somehow find a way back in. For some golfers, it’s the only way they’ve ever known. Developing the skill needed to get out of jail is a difficult talent to acquire. Watch out for the player who grins when they hit it in the junk. Be careful not to count them out.

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