The Happily Married Golfer

Recently, a good friend asked me for some advice on how to manage being a golf addict while also being a husband and father. There is no “one size fits all” solution, but I do believe in a few simple deeds that can help any die hard golfer stay married. For starters, it’s critical that you take time each and every day to tell your wife how much you love her. For me, I try to do this at least ten times a day — which isn’t hard because it’s my favorite thing to profess. Second, I believe it’s important to share the game I adore with the people I love. My most special moments on the golf course are when I’m with my wife and daughter in the evenings — we make memories there that will forever fill me with joy. Finally, I have found that being gracious and thankful to my spouse for every chance I get to spend time on the golf course is imperative to keeping our relationship strong. Every minute I get to play golf is one she is being an incredible partner to me. I remember when we first began to date and I confessed my golfing passions. She likely didn’t know what she was in for, but because she loves me she supports my passions just as I try to do the same for her. Relationships are a two way street and in order to keep a loving one alive both parties have to give a lot. When golf is added to the equation it can make that complicated at times. I’m amazingly blessed to have a loving wife who inspires me to chase my dreams and supports those pursuits on a daily basis. In closing, the best advice I can give is to marry someone who you want to share a life with and for whom you can’t imagine surviving without. If you have those things the rest will work out pretty well. That has worked for me and @sarah_revell quite well and after five years of marriage I still am overwhelmed by her beauty, charm, and love each day. Happy anniversary my love. Thanks for being my rock and giving me hope no matter the ride we are on.

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