The Last Man On the Course

The last man on the course is easy to spot. Long after the parking lot clears and the pro shop is locked, he can be found still stalking the course. His relationship with the game is unique to say the least. A preference for solitude leads to evenings sorting through the game and many other things. He’s not much for booking tee times — those don’t matter at this hour. When he pulls up to play the rest of the golfers he knows are sitting down for dinner. The magic he finds in the final hour of his day is worth the sacrifice of other social interactions. Here he can search for his game in an uninterrupted environment. The only distractions he must mind are the rising sound of crickets and the fast fading light. A few extra chips and some practice putts are the hallmark of these quick trips around his favorite holes. An ever present smile and a kind wave to anyone who drives by is further evidence that he is content. To relish in such splendor is all he dreams of. A vision realized just before dark each day.
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