The Next Great American Pastime

Golf should be the next great American pastime. The game is widely available and can be enjoyed by anyone. Golf is a means to connect us with our fellow countrymen — no matter their age, sex, race, creed, or political persuasions. A shared love for golf can surely bring people together. Although a highly challenging game, the pleasures of golf are easily found. Golf is a way to enjoy the outdoors, bond with friends, and test our own abilities. As a sport, golf offers an opportunity to compete against many opponents — the course, the elements, ourselves, and each other. Just as in life, golf shows that we are shaped by the obstacles we must navigate. This is also a game for exploration. Golf can be played across nearly any landscape and in many ways it is a showcase of our nation’s beauty. This is a most democratic game as well. Low score always wins. Anybody who is willing to put in the time can become a champion. Good golf is something worth aspiring too and like our country we have to work hard in order to reap its rewards. Golf teaches us perseverance and there is no more American trait that that. Above all else, golf is a way to be free. It grants those who play it the chance to roam and enjoy some time for the betterment of self. For millions of Americans, golf is a grand pursuit of happiness. What better way could we Americans recreate than with a game that so often mirrors our country?

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