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About the Book

In his debut book, golf writer Jay Revell takes readers for a walkabout through his personal experiences, recollections, and theories from a lifetime spent in the sport. The Nine Virtues of Golf is a compilation of short pieces that speak to Revell’s beliefs about the game. Handpicked by the author, this collection of Revell’s work is a reflection of someone who lives for the game of golf. 

Designed to be picked up and read ten minutes at a time, The Nine Virtues of Golf is a perfect companion for golf trips, beach days, and bedside reading. Revell likes to describe his book as “a greatest hits album of sorts” featuring a mix of essays, poems, stories, and other contemplations published by the author in recent years. 

With stories that describe the joy of playing golf, Revell has built a global following of golfing diehards. In The Nine Virtues of Golf, the author brings those tales together in an easily digestible reader that’s perfectly suited for anyone with a passion for golf. 

About the Author

Jay Revell is a golf writer based in Tallahassee, Florida. He is the author of  The Nine Virtues of Golf: Essays, Musings, and Other Contemplations on the Game. His stories, essays, travelogues, and histories have been featured in a wide variety of popular publications including The Golfer’s Journal, McKellar Magazine,, and Golf Advisor. Jay has also worked with a number of golf relevant brands such as MacKenzie Golf Bags and Visit Florida. He publishes regular musings on the game via his personal website

Beyond golf, Jay is Vice President for Advocacy & Public Policy for the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. As a public affairs professional, he applies over a decade of experience in the realms of public policy, advocacy, public relations, and content creation for community-based causes, campaigns, and other critical services at the local level.

Jay is a husband and father to his wife Sarah and daughter Winnie. He lives with his family and their two wonderful dogs, Leon and Bodie. His family, including their dogs, are featured prominently in his daily golf stories published on his Instagram page.

Jay Revell can be reached in the following ways.

Email: and Twitter: @JayRevell

Raves and Reviews

“In this collection you’ll have a chance to not just relive some of Jay’s golf epiphanies, but to recognize your own within them. Just as it’s easy work to connect with Jay as a golf partner, so is it to connect with his words, finding your golfing self in the questions he puts forth, and the answers he discovers.”  –Tom Coyne, New York Times Best Selling Author of A Course Called Scotland

“Is Jay’s life golf? Or is his golf his life? The simple answer is, yes. His total immersion into the soul, culture and community of the game is informative and inspiring. There’s no one who doesn’t benefit from his observations and opinions as he passionately pursues a life of golf.”Matt Ginella, Host of The Fire Pit podcast and former Golf Channel Travel Insider

“Every time I read Jay’s words, I immediately want to get out and play golf. What higher endorsement could there be for a golf writer?” –Tony Dear, Author of The Story of Golf in Fifty Holes

“Jay Revell writes about the game of golf like others write about their kids. His love for the game rolls off the page like a 2-foot putt for eagle. His love for golf is natural and unmatched…in many ways, it’s like peering into his golfing soul.” – Connor T. Lewis, Founder, The Society or Golf Historians and host of the TalkinGolf History Podcast

“Jay expresses beautifully what many of us struggle to articulate: that golf is just a game in the same way air is just for breathing.” – Rod Mori, Host of The State of the Game podcast

“There’s writing about golf and there’s writing about the joy of playing golf. Jay does the latter and does it very well.” – Adrian Logue, Co-host The Good-Good Golf Podcast 

“Now comes yet another “golf scribe” who would not just scribble dribble but rather paint vivid word pictures informing majestic tapestries of friends and friendships forged on terra firma transformed from the soil of dreams into the fabric of reality. Jay Revell is his name. Creative golf writing is his game.” – Sidney L. Matthew, Author of The Life and Times of Bobby Jones

In the Author’s Words

I believe that golf is the most soulful game ever devised by man. This book is a compilation of essays, musings, and other contemplations that explore my feelings on the subject. Being a lifelong golfer, I have formed many working theories on the game and through my pursuit of the sport I’ve settled on a few that I think hold true. In this collection, you’ll find a variety of my writings on golf and why the game means so much to me and the millions of people who play it. 

These thoughts and stories may be told from my perspective, but I continue to find that they connect with golfers around the globe. Golf is a game of virtue and it creates a unique bond between those who play it. Despite our different experiences, we all tend to come back to the same observations. Speaking to that truth has always been my aim as a writer.

Golf affects those who play it like no other game known to man. It has meditative power and transformational properties. The game is an emotional roller coaster and most players want a nonstop ride. Because golf speaks to the human experience, some people even find redemption in it. Much like religion, golf is also a saving grace. My stories are designed to reflect that. 

I found golf in a small town and it has taken me to courses all across America. Golf has brought me closer to family and earned me friends from many corners of the world. This game is a vessel that has carried me between the chapters of my life. For these many reasons and more, I am unabashedly in love with golf. I write about the game because it means so much to me and this book and its contents are a reflection of that. 

If you believe as I do — that golf is an essential part of life, then I genuinely expect that you will enjoy these readings. If not, then perhaps they can serve as a pathway to some new considerations on the game. Golf is everywhere and all we have to do is go play it. I am hopeful that The Nine Virtues of Golf will lead you to more frequent swings and regular walks on the course you call home. 

Cheers to golf and all that makes it great!

-Jay Revell