The Peaceful Nature of Golf

Golf is a game populated by simple truths. I find great peace in that. When my world is filled with challenges and life puts me in a bind, I go to the golf course as a means of lifting my spirit. The uncomplicated nature of the game yields a deep sense of calmness in me. There just isn’t that much to figure out here. Throughout my whole existence, it has been the golf course where I am most myself. Shedding my worries and collecting my feelings — a walk down the fairway brings me back to center. The ups and downs of golf have little consequence beyond the confines of the course. Meanwhile, golf is the only place I can temporarily shelve the up and downs of life. The difficulties of my day to day are not to be ignored, but the setting golf provides at least allows me to diffuse the harmful nature of them. In pursuit of a little ball, I am made free from the worst of my thoughts. The walk brings me clarity too. An attempt to score leaves no room for other problems. I get to rest my mind here. Golf gives me an arena where everything just makes sense. For this, I am truly blessed.

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