The Quiet of Twilight

Quiet is vastly underrated. As wonderful as it is to be surrounded by friends and loved ones in a jovial golf environment, it is equally pleasing and perhaps more rewarding to be alone and silent in nature. To hear nothing but the sounds of the evening on a golf course is a considerable treat. Sensory overload has become such a common reality in our world that it’s easy to forget what quiet truly sounds like. A golf course is still a good place to find that. Beneath the last light of day, when the birds have settled down and the crickets have yet to come out, there is a window of time in which all noise seems to cease. No voices, phones, cars, or other stressful reminders of life’s challenges can be heard. It’s amazing how much can fade away during a few minutes like that. Regardless of the distractions in their day, wise golfers have sought to enjoy such moments for centuries. Yet, because of its increasing rareness, the quiet offered us by golf has never been worth more. It makes me wonder why the twilight rate is such a steal. I’d pay any price to find more of that bliss.

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