The Spirit of Municipal Golf

Municipal courses are the backbone of American golf. These are places built for the people. For over a century, publicly owned and operated courses have been the breeding ground for passionate players and lifelong lovers of the game. “Munis” make up a significant amount of our nation’s golf landscape and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are short scruffy and filled with quirk while others are big brawny and immaculately manicured. They have one unifying commonality — anyone can play them. What a beautiful ideal to uphold! Municipal golf has seen both good times and bad in America. In most places, they teeter in between. Some would have them shuttered, claiming that the land and money should be put to better use. However, there are also millions of people who are willing to fight for their ability to enjoy public golf. The game means too much to too many for municipal facilities to become defunded. That doesn’t mean it will be easy to keep them open and improve their experiences, but this is America…it’s not supposed to be easy. Municipal golf only works when we demand that it does. Like most elements of our democracy, we must insist that our leaders listen, learn, and act if we are to preserve the benefits of public golf. Municipal courses matter in so many ways and it’s up to those who use, need, and support them to help share that truth. That starts with putting some skin in the game and getting involved. Ask yourself, what can I do for my Muni? Above everything else, golfers need to promote the benefits and beliefs that drive public golf. In unison, those who want these courses to thrive should proclaim their support and show their dedication to this cause. Sharing with the masses that municipal courses uphold an important promise that is fundamental to the future of the game: Golf is for everyone. A creed that should be proudly shared all across our country.

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