The Wisdom of Gramps

My Grandfather is old school. His golf philosophies don’t pair so well with those who subscribe to the game’s modern approach. Gramps believes more in “effortless power” than a “powerful effort.” This way of swinging the club has suited him well in his life. In over eight decades of playing the game, he’s mastered his move through a constant dedication to golf. He still values accuracy over length and artistry to strength. Gramps sees the swing path as the key to shaping shots — something he still does well even at 86. He has never been much for flash because he knows the steady horse wins the race. Hitting fairways and greens is the secret. That is achieved by repetition. When Gramps plays, the strategies he pursues are consistent with his teachings. A smooth swing and good ball striking can yield low scores. If it can still work for him, imagine what it can do for others who love to play. A round with Gramps is a study in the classical theories of golf. There is much to learn from his wisdom. I still benefit from every lesson.

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