The Work/Life/Golf Balance

There’s a lot of talk about work/life balance, but for some, a work/life/golf balance is important too. With that in mind, my friends and I get together on Tuesday evenings each week for nine holes of quick-paced competition. When the clock hits 5 pm everyone shuffles their papers, closes their laptops, and turns off the office lights before making a mad dash to the course. With a few bucks in our wallets and hope for birdies in our hearts, we set out to conquer our home course before dinner. Our families are kind enough to grant us this weekly reprieve from the evening chores and for a few hours, the emails can wait. Cold beers are enjoyed and the golf we play makes for a fine mid-week escape. It’s the perfect respite from conference calls and daycare pickup. A couple of hours with our pals helps to power through the week and it’s a great incentive to get things done at home or the office. Over the course of our brief round, there are hoots, hollers, fist pumps, and friendly banter. Sometimes the golf is good and on other occasions, we just shrug our shoulders and keep swinging. The game is on no matter the weather and we are always on a mission to get home before dark. Once we finish, the realities of our world return, and the rest of the week comes rushing back into our thoughts. The golf makes for a fun break though. We may not win any cash, but we always walk away with a big smile. That’s the sort of balance every golfer seeks. A little bit of golf makes everything better.

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