Tools, Not Jewels

Golf clubs are tools, not jewels. They are supposed to get dirty, dinged up, and disheveled. Clubs only look new when they haven’t been used. They are meant to be swung through grass, mud, roots, and weeds. In that vein, wear and tear is a sign of success. You can’t get dirt in your grooves unless you play and that’s what clubs are for. Every nick on the club head is a mark of character. Those scars have stories too. They tell of the good, bad, and ugly that happens in golf. Imperfections are indicative of adventure. The golfer goes out into the vast expanses of the game with a goal of combating each course — their clubs are the tools of this battle. Show me a set that lacks the blemishes and bruises brought on my regular use and I’ll show you a golfer who hasn’t earned their stripes. Those sticks are meant for hitting. Go rough them up.

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