We Are the Swings We Make

As golfers, we are a personification of the swings we make. In a lifetime spent pursuing the joys of golf, we slowly become an embodiment of the game itself. Golf is a lifestyle and given time it will consume us. From the clothes we wear to the friends we have and the trips we take — golf shapes everything we do. Golf takes our money and our time and eventually everything else. However, it also keeps us from being sedentary. This most addictive game always gives us something to be interested in. Boredom is a foreign concept to those who always keep their clubs nearby. Golfers are passionate people and it’s best to direct that energy into something that gives us purpose. Golf is a driving force for change in many a troubled heart. Because of the longevity we enjoy in this pastime, golf can be an endless source for self-improvement. As a sporty endeavor, it gives those of us who play it an uncapturable target in life. Having a constant objective is a good way to keep the mind sharp and the soul in good spirits. We golfers never stop tinkering with our game or working to better ourselves. Most who overlook golf’s true meaning miss this point entirely. Days spent on the course and hours pounding away on the range are not done in vain. Our real practice is spent learning about ourselves. We are the swings we make.

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