Weekend Vibes

Golf is a fine way to ease into the weekend. A few holes, a few friends, and a few sips of something cold make for a fabulous Friday night. Everyone needs a mechanism for shaking off the stress of a long week. I’ve yet to find a better system for doing so than golf. Playing this silly game just makes my worries melt away. Whether I’m enjoying some swings with my family, walking the dog before dark, or just having a hit with my pals, there’s no better way to kickstart some downtime. Golf is an awfully pleasant game. Those of us fortunate enough to have fallen for it are always quick to get back to the course. This is especially true when the work stops on Friday. There are fifty-two weeks in a year and the best ones always end with golf. When someone needs to find me late on the eve of a weekend, the course is a good place to start the search. I’m there an awful lot — usually with a big smile.

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